How many times have you promised yourself that you would commit to a better lifestyle and quit the habits that don’t serve you?


Every day your inner voice is calling but you snooze again and again… and so days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months and before you realize, you drift into the same old patterns you wanted to change.

If you are not consistent in your goals, it might be because you are lacking a clear vision that brings results. I want to inspire you and fuel your courage to begin and never let go!

How I work with clients

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We commit to a deeper understanding of life, our human condition and determine your true needs and priorities.

Preparation is key for success and we will create a compelling and motivating vision to empower your transformation towards your best version!

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I will help you develop four vital habits which YOU KNOW you MUST DO, plus the perseverance necessary to maintain them forever. 

The virtuous cycle: Quality meals provide energy for your workouts and healthy effort facilitates a better sleep. Through meditation you become more calm and focused in all your activities.


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Your environment can be adapted to sustain your goals, to nurture your passions and make you a better person. Create opportunities to share your gifts and create happiness for yourself and others! When you improve yourself, you improve the world around you.

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Dive deep into your consciousness! Your inner exploration becomes meaningful when you realize how much your thoughts and feelings influence your choices. Let’s explore ancient and modern methods that make you more present, authentic and appreciate the simple, natural beauty of everything you experience, inside and out. 

It is not your fault, it’s your responsibility

Before you realized, your parents, school teachers and other social entities programed you in the direction they believed was “right”. This is part of the illusion we all inherited and unless we start questioning it, our choices and habits will be governed by patterns that might not serve us or even worse: make us sick. I invite you to discover your true nature and the best methods to nurture your body and mind in order to have a longer, happier, and richer life experience.

Transformation Opportunities

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12 Life Coaching 1:1 sessions

If you seek to improve your self through physical, mental and spiritual development, this transformation opportunity is for you. Discover your true nature and adopt the best principles to  create an amazing life experience. This course will expand your consciousness and make you more truthful in your choices and your relationships.

Happy and Fit from Home

-10 Kg in 3 months

Mixing Cardio, Muscle Training and Yoga, my live workout sessions provide the best exercises your body needs to function optimally. You can reach your goals from home and all you need is a mat.

Healthy and Tasty

Group Webinar

A fun and interactive webinar that will refresh your knowledge on the best practices of nutrition while boosting your confidence and motivation to make the right choices weather is eating out or cooking at home.

From the blog

Ascending Aspects Coach

Just because it’s your path it doesn’t mean you have to walk alone!

Two are always better than one and I can be your powerful sidekick! Why me? – because I climbed my way out of “the pit” and through years of dedication to self-improvement I gained the confidence and experience to help anyone who aspires to live a better life. Although challenging sometimes, my coaching programs creates joyful experiences and powerful opportunities to grow.


Thank you for choosing me!